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Carriers Warming Up to Real Estate

Capacity will grow for real estate E&O with the reinvigorated housing market as demand and the profitability of this coverage push it back into the spotlight. Although the outlook this year for the housing market isn’t as strong as initially thought — existing home sales have been stagnant for four months and year-over-year sales of new home slipped for seven straight months— claims against real estate brokers, agents and appraisers from the 2007-09 recession are tailing off. The Mortgage Bankers Association lowered its purchase originations estimates for the rest of this year by $26 billion, nearly 9 percent lower than the figure for 2013. The MBA attributes this to rapidly rising home prices without a commensurate increase in wages. (8-4-14)

Environmental Liability

Administered By: Rockhill Insurance Group

Distribution: Carrier Direct


Art Galleries/Fine Art/Museums/Antique Dealers, Artisan & Trade Contractors, Colleges & Universities, Consultants/Consulting Risks, Contractors, Environmental Consultants , Farm/Ranch/Agribusiness, Healthcare Systems, Hospitals, Laboratories, Manufacturers/Manufacturing Risks, Mercantile, Museums, Private/Charter Schools, Residential Real Estate (Directors/Managers), Schools, Schools (Adult Education), Sports Facilities, Trucking, Warehouses, Waste/Recycling Services

Carriers: Rockhill Insurance Co.

Coverage: Environmental/Pollution Liability, Excess, General Liability, Professional Liability, Umbrella/Excess

Limits: up to $11 million ((Total Combined Capacity)), up to $10 million ((Excess)), $1 million - $10 million ((Primary))

General Liability

Administered By: Rockhill Insurance Group

Distribution: Carrier Direct


Builders Risk/Home Builders, Commercial Real Estate Manager/Director, Contractors, Directors & Officers (D&O), Equipment Rentals, Hospitality (Hotels/Motels), Manufacturers/Manufacturing Risks, Rentals (Equipment), Residential Real Estate (Directors/Managers), Retail, Warehouses

Carriers: Rockhill Insurance Co.

Coverage: Directors & Officers (D&O), General Liability

Limits: $1 million - $2 million

Real Estate Professional Liability

Administered By: Protective Specialty Insurance

Distribution: Carrier Direct


Builders Risk/Home Builders, Commercial Real Estate, Contractors, Habitational, Hospitality (Hotels/Motels), Residential Real Estate (Directors/Managers)

Carriers: Protective Insurance Co., Protective Specialty Insurance Co.

Coverage: General Liability, Tenants' Legal Liability

Limits: $250,000 - $5,000,000 (Aggregated Personal injury coverage Innocent insured coverage Punitive damages coverage Defense costs for discrimination liability: $100,000 (minimum) Lockbox liability: $10,000 (minimum) Failure to disclose pollutants coverage: $50,000 (minimum) Predecessor and successor firm coverage Mediation provision reduces retention Automatic subsidiary coverage Defense costs for licensing proceedings: $10,000 (minimum) Supplemental limit of liability for expense reimbursement of $250 per day with a $5,000 aggregate limit Automatic 60-day extended reporting period)

SPILLS Real Estate

Administered By: Ironshore

Distribution: Direct/Broker


Commercial Real Estate, Residential Real Estate (Directors/Managers)

Carriers: Ironshore Inc.

Coverage: Business Interruption, Environmental Impairment Liability , Environmental/Pollution Liability, Property

Limits: $1 million - $50 million

Tenant Discrimination Insurance

Administered By: NAS Insurance Services

Distribution: MGA


Commercial Real Estate Manager/Director, Directors & Officers (D&O), Residential Real Estate (Directors/Managers)

Carriers: Lloyd's of London

Coverage: Directors & Officers (D&O), Professional Liability

Limits: $100,000 - $1 million

ACE Advantage® Miscellaneous Professional Liability Policy

Administered By: Chubb Ltd. (Formerly ACE Group)

Distribution: Carrier Direct


Collections/Repossession Risks, Commercial Real Estate Manager/Director, Consultants/Consulting Risks, Credit Bureaus, Residential Real Estate (Directors/Managers), Trustees

Carriers: ACE Group

Coverage: Excess, Professional Liability, Umbrella/Excess

Limits: up to $20 million


Real Estate Professionals E&O Program

Administered By: NFP

Distribution: Direct/Broker


Real Estate Agent/Broker, Real Estate Developer, Real Estate Managers, Real Estate Owners, Residential Real Estate (Directors/Managers)

Carriers: The Navigators Group Inc.

Coverage: E&O, Professional Liability

Limits: $100k - $5m