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Stability Could Bring Dip in Pricing

The market for adult clubs will enter the new year with relative stability, and possibly a slight dip in pricing. This segment experienced a great deal of fluctuation during the first half of 2015 as it continued to recover from the exit of Indemnity Insurance RRG, Founders and Scottsdale during the previous 12 months. With the stabilization of this market, the major writers will focus on market share.

Crittenden anticipates these carriers, including ACE, Hudson, Aspen, Endurance, Golden Bear, Lexington, Houston Casualty, Princeton E&S, United Specialty Insurance, Capital Insurance, Seneca Insurance, USLI and Burlington, to be more open to reducing rates marginally in order to maintain their books. It’s expected that the widespread soft market will penetrate even more business segments during the first quarter of 2016, and this could influence carriers that previously had only a few adult clubs on their books to entertain more submissions. Don’t expect large decreases from industry veterans, however, as staying profitable remains the number one goal.

Assault and battery, liquor liability and slip and fall claims will continue to be the top claims for this class, each with the potential to cripple a carrier’s book at $20,000 or more per claim. Despite increased appetites, look for more carriers to target clubs in...

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Activity & Social Clubs

Administered By: K&K Insurance

Distribution: MGU


Adult Clubs (Gentlemen's/Strip Clubs), Groups & Clubs, Youth Services/Facilities

Carriers: Nationwide Mutual Insurance Co.

Coverage: Abuse & Molestation Liability, Business Personal Property/Business, Cancellation/Postponement , Commercial Auto, Crime, D&O: Miscellaneous , Excess, Garage Liability, Inland Marine, Special Event Accident Coverage

Limits: up to $5 Million


Administered By: ProSight Specialty Insurance

Distribution: Carrier Direct


Adult Clubs (Gentlemen's/Strip Clubs), Events and Event Planners, Private Events

Carriers: ProSight Specialty Insurance Group

Coverage: Assault & Battery, General Liability, Liquor Liability, Umbrella/Excess

Limits: Call - for Limits

General Casualty

Administered By: James River Insurance Co.

Distribution: MGA


Adult Clubs (Gentlemen's/Strip Clubs), Apartments, Distribution Risks, Homeowners/Condo Associations, Hospitality (Hotels/Motels), Lessors Risk, Restaurants, Retail (Convenience Store), Schools, Schools (Vocational), Trucking (Freight), Vacant Property , Warehouses

Carriers: James River Insurance Co.

Coverage: Casualty

Limits: up to $1 Million (Limit per Occurrence.), up to - $2 million (Aggregate - Per Location Aggregate available)

Liquor Liability

Administered By: Ace Commercial Risk Services

Distribution: Program Administrator


Adult Clubs (Gentlemen's/Strip Clubs), Groups & Clubs, Hospitality (Hotels/Motels), Restaurants

Carriers: ACE Group

Coverage: Assault & Battery, Bodily/Personal Injury, Legal Liability, Liquor Liability

Limits: up to $1,000,000/$2,000,000 (No sublimit on Assault & Battery ($100,000/$300,000 sublimit on adult clubs only))

Restaurants, Bars & Taverns

Administered By: Everguard Insurance Services

Distribution: MGU


Adult Clubs (Gentlemen's/Strip Clubs), Casinos, Restaurants

Carriers: First Mercury Insurance Co.

Coverage: Assault & Battery, Crime, Employment Practices Liability (EPL), General Liability, Inland Marine, Liquor Liability, Package, Property

Limits: up to $5 Million (Property), $1 Million - $2 Million (Liquor Liability ), up to $10 million (Excess), $2 Million - $3 Million (General Liability )


Adult Clubs

Administered By: Kel Insurance Services

Distribution: Direct/Broker


Adult Clubs (Gentlemen's/Strip Clubs)

Carriers: Houston Casualty Co., Princeton Excess & Surplus Lines Ins. Co., United Specialty Insurance Co., Western World Insurance Co.

Coverage: Assault & Battery, General Liability, Liquor Liability, Property, Workers' Compensation


Entertainment, Recreation, Sports and Leisure

Administered By: AmWINS

Distribution: MGA


Adult Clubs (Gentlemen's/Strip Clubs), Amusement Parks, Athletes & Athletic Organizations, Casinos, Restaurants, Sports Facilities, Sports/Entertainment Risks

Carriers: Scottsdale Insurance Co.

Coverage: Excess, General Liability, Liquor Liability, Non Owned Auto, Umbrella/Excess

Limits: - - $1M/$3M (Liquor Liability), up to - $20 Million (Umbrella/Excess ), up to - $3 Million (General Liability)